Quantum Communication & Security

Protection of data is a global concern. CQT has expertise in both quantum key distribution (QKD) and post-quantum cryptography – two future-ready approaches to secure communication. We are working on a few approaches to sending quantum keys via fibre and satellite, to offer encryption resistant to all computational hacks. We also explore how to make mathematical cryptography schemes safe against future quantum computers.


Alexander Ling

Area Keywords: entanglement, quantum key distribution, satellite

Charles Lim

Area Keywords: experimental QKD, integrated photonics, networks, quantum cryptography, satellite comms analysis

Christian Kurtsiefer

Area Keywords: clock synchronisation techniques, interfaces, networks

Divesh Aggarwal

Area Keywords: cryptanalysis, lattice-based cryptography, post-quantum cryptography

Kwek Leong Chuan

Area Keywords: continuous variable QKD, MDI-QKD, networks, quantum key distribution

Marco Tomamichel

Area Keywords: information theory, quantum cryptography

Miklos Santha

Area Keywords: cryptanalysis

Rahul Jain

Area Keywords: communication complexity, quantum cryptography

Valerio Scarani

Area Keywords: device-independent

Vlatko Vedral

Area Keywords: entanglement