Advanced Instruments

To push the boundaries of technology, researchers in CQT labs design and build their own instruments, from electronic controllers to photon detectors. Developing integrated chips for applications in quantum communication and computing also takes specialised skills and equipment, pursued through partnership with industry and a local Quantum Foundry managed by CQT Principal Investigators.


Alexander Ling

Area Keywords: 2D materials, entangled photon sources, integrated photonics, single photon detectors

Christian Kurtsiefer

Area Keywords: photon correlation systems, random number generators, single photon detectors

Kai Dieckmann

Area Keywords: coherent Raman spectroscopy, cw high-pressure dye laser, frequency comb, ultracold molecules platform

Loh Huanqian

Area Keywords: programmable atom arrays

Manas Mukherjee

Area Keywords: 2D ion trap, cryo-electronics, micro laser machining

Murray Barrett

Area Keywords: chip-scale traps

Rainer Dumke

Area Keywords: AWG, FPGA, lasers, vibration isolation

Travis Nicholson

Area Keywords: Novel quantum devices