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We are an experimental group concerned with implementing quantum information building blocks with photons and atoms. We have experience in working with entangled photon pair sources and single photon detection, ranging from fundamental tests in physics to applications like quantum key distribution. Another focus is to make photons and atoms interact strongly in unconventional ways.

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Recent papers

  • Shen Lijiong, C.H. Chow, Y.X. Peh, X.J.Yeo, P.K. Tan, C. Kurtsiefer. Distributing Polarization Entangled Photon Pairs with High Rate over Long Distance through Standard Telecommunication Fiber.
  • Shen Lijiong, C. Kurtsiefer. Countering detector manipulation attacks in quantum communication through detector self-testing.
  • Y. Shi, H.S. Poh, A. Ling, C. Kurtsiefer. (2021). Fibre polarization state compensation in entanglement-based quantum key distribution. Optics Express 29 37075-3708
  • A.N. Utama, C.H. Chow, C.H. Nguyen, C. Kurtsiefer. (2021). Coupling Light to Higher Order Transverse Modes of a Near-Concentric Optical Cavity. Optics Express 29 8130-8141
  • J. Lee, Shen Lijiong, A.N. Utama, C. Kurtsiefer. (2022). Absolute clock synchronization with a single time-correlated photon pair source over 10km. Optics Express 30 18530-1853
  • Shen Lijiong, J. Lee, Antony Winata Hartanto, P.K. Tan, C. Kurtsiefer. (2021). A wide-range wavelength-tunable photon-pair source for characterizing single-photon detectors. Optics Express 29 3415-3424
  • Y. Shi, M. T. Soe, H.S. Poh, J. Grieve, C. Kurtsiefer, A. Ling. (2020). Stable Polarization Entanglement based Quantum Key Distribution over Metropolitan Fibre Network. Applied Physics Letters 117 124002
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