Berge Englert Group Preprints

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Jun Hao Hue, Ege Eren, Shao Hen Chiew, Jonathan Wei Zhong Lau, Leo Chang, Thanh Tri Chau, M. Trappe, B.-G. Englert (2020). Fourth-order leapfrog algorithms for numerical time evolution of classical and quantum systems.
B. Gremaud, G. Batrouni (2020). Pairing and pair superfluid density in one-dimensional Hubbard models.
Shifeng Cui, B. Gremaud, Wenan Guo, G. Batrouni (2020). Nonlinear two-photon Rabi-Hubbard model: superradiance and photon/photon-pair Bose-Einstein condensate.
Bo Xing, Wei-ting Chiu, Dario Poletti, Richard T. Scalettar, G. Batrouni (2020). Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of the 2D Su-Schrieffer-Heeger Model.
Bo Xiao, Ehsan Khatami, Natanael C. Costa, G. Batrouni, Richard T. Scalettar (2020). Charge Density Wave and Superconductivity in the Disordered Holstein Model.
Jean Decamp , Jiangbin Gong, H.Loh, C. Miniatura A Universal Graph Description for One-Dimensional Exchange Models.
DJ Nott, Y.L Seah, L Al-Labadi, M Evans, H.K. Ng, B.-G. Englert Using prior expansions for prior-data conflict checking.
J.Y.Sim, Jun Suzuki, B.-G. Englert, H.K. Ng User-specified random sampling of quantum channels and its applications.
G. G. Batrouni, Wenan Guo, V. G. Rousseau, B. Grémaud, F. Hébert, Shifeng Cui Two-photon Rabi-Hubbard and Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard models: photon pair superradiance, Mott insulator and normal phases.
B.-G. Englert, Michael Evans, Gun Ho Jang, H.K. Ng, David Nott, Y.L Seah Checking the Model and the Prior for the Constrained Multinomial.
J. Shang, Y.L Seah, Boyu Wang, H.K. Ng, David John Nott, B.-G. Englert Random samples of quantum states: Online resources.
David J. Nott, Xueou Wang, Michael Evans, B.-G. Englert Checking for prior-data conflict using prior to posterior divergences.
Zeynep Nilhan Grkan, Erik Sjqvist, Bjrn Hessmo, B. Gremaud Towards a measurement of the effective gauge field and the Born-Huang potential with atoms in chip traps.
J. Shang, H.K. Ng, B.-G. Englert Quantum state tomography: Mean squared error matters, bias does not.
A. Kalev A geometrical relation between symmetric operators and mutually unbiased operators.
K.L. Lee, J. Shang, Wee Kang Chua, Shiang Yong Looi, B.-G. Englert SOMIM: An open-source program code for the numerical Search for Optimal Measurements by an Iterative Method.
Chee Weng Koong, B.-G. Englert, C. Miniatura, N. Chandrasekhar Giant spin Hall conductivity in platinum at room temperature.
C. A. Mller, Dominique Delande Disorder and interference: localization phenomena.
Christopher Gaul, C. A. Mller Bogoliubov Theory of Disordered Bose-Einstein Condensates.
G.C. Thiang Some attempts at proving the non-existence of a full set of mutually unbiased bases in dimension 6.
J. Shang, K.L. Lee, B.-G. Englert SeCQC: An open-source program code for the numerical Search for the classical Capacity of Quantum Channels.
B.-G. Englert Comment on "Minimum Uncertainty and Entanglement".