Berge Englert Group

We are investigating questions that can be grouped into two categories: (1) quantum information proper and (2) cold atoms.

A central theme is the perennial question: What can we know about a quantum system? Specific problems under study concern complementarity and its immediate consequences, such as quantitative aspects of wave-particle duality; measurement schemes for quantum state tomography; the reconstructing of quantum states from noisy and incomplete measurements; as well as the robust encoding of quantum information for the purposes of storage and processing.

We are interested in ultracold dilute gases of neutral atoms, fermions and bosons, in two-dimensional and one-dimensional geometries, which will soon be ready for experimental studies at CQT and elsewhere. The problems under study include the band structure, transport properties, and finite-temperature effects of many-atom systems in periodic lattices, such as the graphene-type honeycomb lattice; strongly interacting systems of this kind; mixtures of fermions and bosons; existence and phenomenology of the FFLO phase in one- dimensional and two-dimensional systems; superfluidity and other phases with particular properties; and analogs of the Hall and spin-Hall effects.

Group Members

Recent papers

  • B. Gremaud, G. Batrouni. (2017). Haldane phase on the sawtooth lattice: Edge states, entanglement spectrum, and the flat band. Phys. Rev. B 95 165131
  • Rubem Mondaini, G. Batrouni, B. Gremaud. (2018). Pairing and superconductivity in the flat band: Creutz lattice. Phys. Rev. B 98 15514
  • C. Chen, X-Y. Xu, J. Liu, G. Batrouni. (2018). Symmetry Enforced Self-Learning Monte Carlo Method Applied to the Holstein Model. Phys. Rev. B 98 041102(R)
  • Bo Xiao, F. Hebert, G. Batrouni, R. T. Scalettar. (2019). Quantum Monte Carlo Study of the One Dimensional Extended Hubbard Model with Long Range Electron-Phonon Coupling. Phys. Rev. B 99 205145
  • F. Hebert, Bo Xiao, V.G. Rousseau, R.T. Scalettar, G. Batrouni. (2019). One-dimensional Hubbard-Holstein model with finite range electron-phonon coupling. Phys. Rev. B 99 075108
  • W.-T. Chiu, Y.-X. Zhang, R.T. Scalettar, G. Batrouni, N.C. Costa. (2019). Charge Order in the Holstein Model on a Honeycomb Lattice. Phys. Rev. Lett. 122 077602
  • Richard T. Scalettar, G. Batrouni. (2019). Langevin Simulations of a Long Range Electron Phonon Model. Phys. Rev. B 99 035114
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