Martin Aulbach
Former Research Fellow

Status: Alumnus (data might not be up-to-date)


  • M. Aulbach. Symmetric entanglement classes for n qubits.
  • L. Chen, M. Aulbach, Michal Hajdusek. A comparison of old and new definitions of the geometric measure of entanglement.


  • M. Aulbach. (2012). Classification of Entanglement in Symmetric States. Int. J. Quant. Info. 10 1230004
  • M. Aulbach, D. Markham, M. Murao. (2011). Geometric Entanglement of Symmetric States and the Majorana Representation. LNCS 6519 141-158
  • M. Aulbach, D. Markham, M. Murao. (2010). The maximally entangled symmetric state in terms of the geometric measure. New J. Phys. 12 073025