Marta Wolak
Former Research Assistant

Status: Alumnus (data might not be up-to-date)


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  • M. Wolak, V. G. Rousseau, G. Batrouni. (2011). Pairing in population imbalanced Fermion systems. Computer Physics Communications 182 2021
  • M. Wolak, V.G. Rousseau, C. Miniatura, B. Gremaud, R.T. Scalettar, G. Batrouni. (2010). Finite-temperature quantum Monte Carlo study of the one-dimensional polarized Fermi gas. Phys. Rev. A 82 013614
  • G. Batrouni, M. Wolak, F. Hebert, V.G. Rousseau. (2009). Pair Formation and Collapse in Imbalanced Fermion Populations with Unequal Masses. Europhys. Lett. 86 47006