Congrats to a dozen CQT graduates!

Twelve CQT students offically received their doctoral degrees in the National University of Singapore's 2019 commencement season
17 July 2019

CQT graduates at NUS Commencement 2019
Pictured from left are CQT Principal Investigator Berge Englert, who oversees the CQT graduate programme, graduates Len Yink Loong, Suen Whei Yeap, Goh Koon Tong, CQT Principal Investigator Dimitris Angelakis, and graduates Jirawat Tangpanitanon and Ye Luyao.

Between them, the 12 students graduating from CQT's PhD programme have contributed decades of effort to the Centre's research programme, co-authoring research papers on their way to completing their theses. They now take their expertise into a variety of roles, including postdoc positions in universities in Singapore and abroad and industry jobs.

CQT's Director Artur Ekert says "It is heartening to follow the careers of CQT PhD graduates. After taking on the challenges of quantum science and technology, these young people have the determination and imagination to make valuable contributions in any field of work. We are glad to see some find interesting jobs doing new things and others stay to grow our quantum community."

Among this year's graduates, for example, Jirawat Tangpanitanon remains at CQT in the group of Dimitris Angelakis, continuing a collaboration with the quantum computing team at Google that saw him publish in Science during his Phd. Goh Koon Tong has joined the group of CQT Fellow Charles Lim in the NUS Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, working on quantum cryptography, and Suen Whei Yeap has moved to the Singapore Management University where he is a Research Scientist. Wilson Chin Yue Sum is someone who switched focus, going from a PhD in quantum optics to being a physicist for Schlumberger, a provider of technology to the oil and gas industry.

Prospective PhD students can find out more about the CQT programme on our website.

Find a full list of this year's graduates and their thesis titles below. To read the theses, go here.

PhD Graduates, 2019

Anurag Anshu
One-Shot Protocols for Communication over Quantum Networks: Achievability and Limitations
Supervised by Rahul Jain
CQT PhD Programme

Goh Koon Tong
Quantum Correlations from Black Boxes
Supervised by Valerio Scarani
CQT PhD Programme

Jirawat Tangpanitanon
Towards Quantum Simulation with Interacting Photons in Superconducting Circuits
Supervised by Dimitris Angelakis
CQT PhD Programme

Jungjun Park
Fluctuation Theorem for Quantum Bipartite Systems
Supervised by Vlatko Vedral
CQT PhD Programme

Len Yink Loong
Past of a Quantum Particle and Quantum Information Processing with Open-System Noise
Supervised by Berge Englert
CQT PhD Programme

Nguyen Chi Huan
Single atoms coupled to a near-concentric cavity
Supervised by Christian Kurtsiefer
CQT PhD Programme

Priyanka Mukhopadhyay
Information Theoretic and Algebraic Techniques in Theoretical Computer Science
Supervised by Rahul Jain and Divesh Aggarwal
CQT PhD Programme

Suen Whei Yeap
Classical-Quantum Divergences in Structural Complexities of Many-Body Systems
Supervised by Vlatko Vedral
CQT PhD Programme

Tang Zhongkan Kamiyuki Xavier
Towards a Space-Based Quantum Key Distribution Network: Developing a Miniaturized Polarisation Entangled Photon Pair Source for Nanosatellite
Supervised by Alexander Ling
CQT PhD Programme

Thi Ha Kyaw
Towards Large-Scale Quantum Computing Platform in Ultrastrong Coupling Regime
Supervised by Kwek Leong Chuan
CQT PhD Programme

Wilson Chin Yue Sum
Light-Atom Coupling with 4Pi Microscopy
Supervised by Christian Kurtsiefer
CQT PhD Programme

Ye Luyao
The Effect of the Center-of-Mass Motion on the Fidelity of Neutral-Atom Quantum Gates and the Optimal Circuit for a Protected Qubit
Supervised by Berge Englert
CQT PhD Programme