Student wins faculty research award

Anurag Anshu was recognised for his research by the NUS School of Computing
06 February 2018

CQT PhD student Anurag Anshu received an award from the University for his graduate research.

CQT PhD student Anurag Anshu has been recognised for 'research excellence' by the NUS School of Computing. In January, he was presented with the Dean's Graduate Research Excellence Award.

Rahul Jain, a CQT Principal Investigator and Associate Professor in NUS Computing, is Anurag's supervisor. He says "Anurag has been a highly motivated, very hardworking and a fast learning student. He has got an exceptional amount of work done, both in quality and quantity during his PhD, as is evident from a very impressive list of publications. He truly deserves this award. I look forward to his ventures in the future."

So far, Anurag is already a coauthor on 15 papers, including work presented at prestigious conferences in computer science and quantum information such as STOC and QIP, with another five under review. He will submit his PhD thesis later this year, and then plans to do a postdoc at the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

The recipients of the Dean's Graduate Research Excellence award receive a certificate and $1,000 cash prize.