CQT's Director speaks at the World Science Festival

Artur Ekert starred in programme on quantum physics at the festival in New York City
04 June 2015

CQT's Director Artur Ekert featured in a trio of events at the World Science Festival held in New York, 27-31 May.

The annual festival has drawn more than 1.3 million visitors since its launch in 2008, presenting science in theatres and in collaboration with artists. It was described this year in the New York Times as having "carved out a place in the city's cultural scene".

Artur, who is best known for coming up with the idea of using quantum entanglement for secure communication, took part in a panel discussion with other quantum experts Daniel Gottesman from the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Seth Lloyd from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Eleanor Rieffel from NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The event, titled "The Next Quantum Leap: Here, There and Everywhere", was held at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts and moderated by Bill Blakemore, news correspondent.

Artur also participated in two 'salon-style' events offering in-depth discussions: "Cyber Insecurity" on cybercrime and encryption and "Caution: Robots at Work" on artificial intelligence.