Congratulations to our doctors!

Eight students graduate from CQT's PhD programme in 2014
16 July 2014

Eight CQT PhD students were formally awarded their doctoral degrees at the National University of Singapore's commencement ceremony on 15 July. CQT wishes them every success in their next adventure.

"We are proud of these young researchers. CQT graduates have not only knowledge but also inquisitive minds, and we are sure they will put both their expertise and their brainpower to good use," says Artur Ekert, CQT's Director.

Find details of all graduating students below.

CQT Phd students at NUS commencement 2014

Confucius quote at University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore.

Pictured at the NUS commencement ceremony to collect their doctoral degrees are Nick Lewty (left) and Shang Jiangwei (right), two of eight CQT students graduating in 2014. The quote by Confucius appears on the wall of the Unviersity Cultural Centre where the ceremony was held.

PHD@CQT Graduates, 2014

Huo Mingxia
Quantum Simulations with Photons in One-Dimensional Nonlinear Waveguides
Supervised by Kwek Leong Chuan and Dimitris Angelakis

Nick Lewty
Experimental Determination of the Nuclear Magnetic Octupole Moment of 137Ba
Supervised by Murray Barrett

Li Ying
Entangled Many-body States As Resources of Quantum Information Processing
Supervised by Kwek Leong Chuan

Rafael Rabelo
On Quantum Nonlocality and the Device-independent Paradigm
Supervised by Valerio Scarani

Shang Jiangwei
Symmetric Minimal Quantum Tomography and Optimal Error Regions
Supervised by Berge Englert

Colin Teo
Quantum Optics in Information and Control
Supervised by Valerio Scarani

Giovanni Vacanti
Manifestations of Quantum Mechanics in Open Systems: From Opto-Mechancis to Dynamical Casimir Effect
Supervised by Vlatko Vedral

Penghui Yao
Studies in Communication Complexity and Semidefinite Programs
Supervised by Rahul Jain