CQT students at commencement (8 July)

CQT congratulates its graduating students. Eight students from the PhD@CQT programme collect their degrees in 2013.
09 July 2013

Debashis de Munshi, Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore.

CQT PhD students with their supervisor after collecting their doctoral degrees at the NUS 2013 Commencement on 8 July. Pictured from left to right: Murray Barrett, Kyle Arnold, Christian Kurtsiefer, Han Rui and Syed Aljunid.


On 8 July, seven students from the PhD@CQT programme were officially awarded their doctorates at the National University of Singapore's 2013 Commencement ceremony. The new Doctors have collectively performed more than 30 human-years of research at CQT. We congratulate them and wish them the best in their future careers.

See below for a full listing of graduating students. Pictured right are some of those who attended the ceremony in person.

The Centre graduated its first student in 2012, and this year sees the maturing of the PhD programme as the Centre enters its sixth year of operation. Click for details of how to apply to the CQT programme. All degrees are awarded by the National University of Singapore, consistently ranked among the world's top universities.

List of 2013 CQT PhD Graduates

Syed Aljunied
Interaction of a Strongly focused Light Beam with Single Atoms
Supervised by Christian Kurtsiefer

Kyle Arnold
Collective Dispersive Interaction of Atoms and Light in a High Finesse Cavity
Supervised by Murray Barrett

Han Rui
Robust Quantum Storage with Three Atoms
Supervised by Berge Englert

Ravishankar Ramanathan
Complementarity of Quantum Correlations
Supervised by Dagomir Kaszlikowski

Elisabeth Rieper
Quantum Coherence in Biological Systems
Supervised by Vlatko Vedral

Wang Guangquan
Strongly Correlated Phases in the Anisotropic Honeycomb Lattice
Supervised by Berge Englert

Wang Yimin
Quantum Information Exchange Between Photons and Atoms
Supervised by Valerio Scarani

Marta Wolak
Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of the Population Imbalanced Fermi Gas
Supervised by Berge Englert