Representing quantum at the inaugural Singapore Defence Technology Summit

CQT was among the exhibitors at the three-day event on defence and security
02 July 2018

Pictures at an exhibitionSpot the quantum technologies in the exhibition hall at Singapore's Defence Tech Summit, held at the Shangri-La Hotel.

CQT participated as an exhibitor in the inaugural Singapore Defence Technology Summit, held 27-29 June.

The summit drew some 400 delegates from industry, government and academia to discuss new technologies and explore new partnerships. Attendees included policy makers, national armament directors, Chief Defence Scientists, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Technology Officers and thought leaders.

The programme was focused on the "Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on Defence and Security".

In the exhibition hall, CQT presented innovations in quantum communications, quantum computing and quantum-enabled devices such as atomic clocks and gravimeters. Potential applications of quantum technologies have relevance for defence and security, such as encrypted messaging and navigation tools. The showcase also highlighted spin-off companies emerging from the Centre.

Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister Mr Teo Chee Hean spoke about the opportunities created by government and commercial support for R&D in his keynote address. "Many technologies used in everyday life, such as the Internet, Global Positioning System and microprocessors, can trace their roots to the investments in R&D by governments since the 1950s to meet defence and security needs. However, the commercial sector has now become a significant source of funding and leading-edge innovations.  Private sector R&D expenditure has exceeded government R&D expenditure for most OECD countries, and accounts for more than three-quarters of total R&D expenditure in several key Asian economies.  This proliferation of technical know-how has fuelled waves of innovation and rapid prototyping as new tech products and services jostle for first-mover advantage to capture market share and profits," he said.  

Vice ADM Arie Jan de Waard, National Armaments Director and Director, Defence Materiel Organisation, Netherlands, said in a testimonial: "I am very glad to be invited to the Singapore Defence Technology Summit. It is not the question of if, but how we should incorporate innovation within our defence organisations. I think the most important one is social innovation – work in different ways, reach out to small and medium enterprises – and it is very important that the Tech Summit showed that to us. It was also very important that it showed us that the new innovations, the disruptive technologies and the 4th Industrial Revolution will affect defence in many, many ways. All the new developments which are happening – if you are talking about artificial intelligence, cyber, digitalisation, nanotechnology – all these things will affect humanity."

The summit was organised by Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) with a host of supporters and partners.