CQT turns ten!

The Centre marks its tenth anniversary with scientific events
08 December 2017

CQT Tenth Anniversary CQT has celebrated its first decade. The Centre was the first of five to be established under Singapore's national Research Centres of Excellence programme.

The Centre for Quantum Technologies turned ten on 7 December, and we marked the event with a two-day conference featuring invited speakers, contributed talks by alumni and posters from our community. Thanks to all who attended to share the anniversary with us!

The event followed a year-long survey of CQT's research achievements through colloquia delivered by CQT Principal Investigators. These talks, providing an introduction to some of CQT's major research directions, are available to watch on our YouTube channel, linked from the posters below.

Colloquium by Vlatko Vedral
Colloquium by Valerio Scarani
Colloquium by Joe Fitzsimons
Colloquium by Dimitris Angelakis
Colloquium by Berge Englert
Colloquium by Wenhui Li
Colloquium by Divesh Aggarwal



Videos of talks from CQT's tenth anniversary conference are coming soon. The invited talks at the event were:

  • Ignacio Cirac, Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik (MPQ) - Quantum simulation with classical and quantum computers
  • Umesh Vazirani, UC Berkeley - Rigorous RG: a provably efficient algorithm for simulating 1D quantum systems
  • Christopher Monroe, JQI, QuICS, and University of Maryland - Quantum Computing with Trapped Atomic Ions
  • Charles Clark, National Institute of Standards and Technology and Joint Quantum Institute - The neutron as a quantum particle and wave
  • Michael Brooks, Freelance Writer - Jerome Cardano: The Quantum Astrologer


Delegates at the CQT10 conference

CQTians, alumni and friends joined the CQT10 conference held at the National University of Singapore's Guild House, 7-8 December. View more pictures from the event on CQT's Facebook page.