Congratulations to CQT's new graduates

Thirteen students with the Centre have been awarded PhD degrees in 2016
11 July 2016

NUS commencement 2016

Pictured at the commencement ceremony on 7 July are CQT graduates in their green-trimmed gowns with CQT faculty: (from left to right) Cai Yu, Ved Prakash, Rahul Jain, Dimitris Angelakis, Berge Englert and Dai Jibo.

Physics PhD graduate Tan Peng Kian was a Valedictorian for his commencement ceremony on 9 July. Listen to his speech starting from 1:43:30 in the webcast above.


For students, the moment that defines the end of their PhD is the thesis defense. That's when they present their years of hard work and hard-won knowledge to a panel of examiners. The Commencement that comes after that, when the degree is officially awarded, is pure celebration. This year CQT celebrates for 13 new PhD graduates – find a full list of new Doctors and their thesis titles below.

Eleven students graduated from the PhD@CQT programme. "I felt very moved, particularly when they played the national anthem" said Dai Jibo, who attended Commencement on 7 July. Jibo had moved to Singapore from China aged 15 to take up an educational scholarship. Every morning, he attended a flag-raising ceremony at his school at which the national anthem played. His thesis research was on entanglement witnesses.

CQT also congratulates Md. Tanvirul Islam and Tan Peng Kian on their graduation. Tanvir completed his PhD with the NUS School of Computing, and had been supervised by CQT Principal Investigator Stephanie Wehner. Tan Peng Kian did his PhD with the NUS Department of Physics, co-supervised by CQT Principal Investigator Christian Kurtsiefer and Associate Professor Phil Chan Aik Hui.

Peng Kian was Valedictorian for his commencement ceremony on 9 July, telling his fellow graduates: "This is it, this is what it's all been for, isn't it? It is now our time to put to use everything we've learnt, all our experience, all our mistakes, into this longest open book exam of them all – life." Peng Kian, whose doctoral research has involved applying quantum optics techniques to astronomical measurements, continues his project as a Research Fellow at CQT.

Most CQT graduates continue in academia, taking up positions in countries including the UK, US and Hong Kong. Other CQT graduates are finding roles in industry and government. Ved Prakash, who completed his thesis in the CQT computer science group, is among them.

Ved is working as a Data Scientist for Singapore's Ministry of Defence. In an interview for CQT's 2015 Annual Report, he said "We are given an engineering problem and then have to explore methods to solve it. Like in research, this involves reading papers and building models. My experience at CQT helps me with the process of deciding how to attack a problem. The discussions in group meetings also trained me in how to present my work."

We wish all our graduates every success in their new roles.

PhD Graduates, 2016
Davit Aghamalyan
Atomtronics: Quantum Technology with Cold Atoms in Ring Shaped Optical Lattices
Supervised by Kwek Leong Chuan
CQT PhD Programme
Cai Yu
Quantum Sizes: Complexity, Dimension And Many-box Locality
Supervised by Valerio Scarani
CQT PhD Programme
Dai Jibo
Experimental Entanglement Witness Family Measurement And Theoretical Aspects Of Quantum Tomography
Supervised by Berge Englert
CQT PhD Programme
Ding Shiqian
Entangled Photon Pairs: Efficient Generation and Detection, and Bit Commitment
Supervised by Dzmitry Matsukevich
CQT PhD Programme
Md. Tanvirul Islam
Protocols for Quantum Networks
Supervised by Stephanie Wehner and Hugh Anderson
NUS School of Computing PhD Programme
Jedrzej Kaniewski
Relativistic quantum cryptography
Supervised by Stephanie Wehner
CQT PhD Programme
Le Phuc Thinh
Advances In Quantum Key Distribution And Quantum Randomness Generation
Supervised by Valerio Scarani
CQT PhD Programme
Li Xikun
Error Regions for Properties of the Quantum State
Supervised by Berge Englert
CQT PhD Programme
Poh Hou Shun
Testing the Quantum-Classical Boundary and Dimensionality of Quantum Systems
Supervised by Christian Kurtsiefer
CQT PhD Programme
Tan Peng Kian
Stellar Temporal Intensity Interferometry
Co-supervised by Christian Kurtsiefer and Chan Aik Hui Phil
NUS Department of Physics PhD Programme
Ved Prakash
Efficient Delegation Algorithms For Outsourcing Computations On Massive Data Streams
Supervised by Hartmut Klauck
CQT PhD Programme
Ritayan Roy
An Integrated Atom Chip for The Detection and Manipulation of Cold Atoms Using a Two-photon Transition
Supervised by Bjorn Hessmo
CQT PhD Programme
Jiabin You
Majorana Fermion in Topological Superconductor and Mott-superfluid Transition in Circuit-qed System
Supervised by Oh Choo Hiap
CQT PhD Programme