Presenting CQT's Annual Report for 2015

The report offers a readable round-up of research news and events from the Centre
20 March 2016

CQT Annual Report 2015, front cover.

The Centre for Quantum Technologies is pleased to publish its annual report for 2015. The report gives an accessible overview of the research and activities at the Centre in the past year.

The report opens with a letter from CQT's Director, Artur Ekert. Commenting on the International Review that CQT went through in 2015, which has secured core funding for the Centre until 2022, he writes "while going through the review process I realised that the 2022 horizon, six years away, is almost another era in this rapidly moving field. So much progress has been made in the past six years (not necessarily in the directions we originally anticipated) that one can hardly speculate what will happen by then. Of course, I can stretch my imagination and suggest quantum random number generators in local casinos, island-wide quantum key distribution networks, quantum simulators which help to design new drugs, and super-precise atomic clocks leading to a super-accurate global positioning system. But the thing is, each year brings surprises." We hope you will enjoy our report on the progress and surprises of 2015.

Contents include:

  • A letter from CQT's Director, Artur Ekert
  • Highlights of the year's news and research
  • A look at how to capture value from fundamental research
  • A feature on Murray Barrett's new atomic clock project
  • Information on the PhD@CQT programme
  • Interviews with recent PhD graduates
  • Data and listings on staff, papers, visitors, events, budgets etc

Download a PDF of this year's report here: CQT 2015 Annual Report

Reports for previous years are also available via the website's About Us pages.