NUS hosts Institute of Physics Singapore Meeting 2014

Annual gathering of the country’s physicists was supported by CQT
06 March 2014

Singapore's annual conference of physicists was held 26-28 February at NUS, giving local researchers the chance to meet each other and talk about their work.

The Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) Meeting 2014 featured four plenary speakers, over 70 technical talks, 50 poster presentations and 11 exhibitors. It drew some 200 delegates – seen swarming the registration table in the timelapse movie to the right.

CQT was proud to sponsor the IPS Meeting 2014. Other sponsors were the Department of Physics, NUS; the Division of Physics and Applied Physics, NTU; and the commercial sponsors who exhibited.

Among the speakers was Corsin Pfister, a CQT PhD student, who gave an invited talk on a new principle for the effect of measurements on physical systems. "I presented our work a few times before, but this was the first time I presented it in an environment where all kinds of physicists came together, not just people from our particular field. This is what I liked most about the meeting: to get in touch with a broader range of physics. For example, I found it very interesting to hear the talk about the Higgs boson."

The IPS meeting is also a good training ground for students. Ding Shiqian, a CQT PhD student, presented results from a trapped-ion experiment. He says "This was the very first time I presented a talk in a conference. But I did not need to be extraordinarily nervous, since it was a home meeting. It was a valuable chance for me to practice how to prepare the slides and, of course, how to present our work to an audience with different backgrounds".

As in previous years, CQT contributed organisational manpower, too. Principal Investigator Christian Kurtsiefer was a member of the IPS Meeting's organising and various staff and students helped with administrative matters.

Photos from the meeting, courtesy CQT Research Fellow Alessandro Cere, are on CQT's Facebook page here.

Find further details of the meeting at www.ipsmeeting.org.