Presenting the CQT Annual Report for 2012

Hear the latest from our ion trappers, learn why CQT is spending a million dollars on a fridge and understand how Singapore has become the world capital for direct product theorems. All this and more in our 2012 Annual Report...
18 January 2013

CQT Annual Report 2012, front cover.

The Centre for Quantum Technologies is pleased to make available its annual report for 2012. As well as a run-down of the year's events and research papers, a who's who of the Centre's staff and a letter from the Centre's Director, the report also offers special feature articles:

  • Comments on the Centre from its Scientific Advisory Board
  • Discord: Mile Gu explains what the fuss is about
  • How Singapore has become the world capital for direct product theorems, by computer scientists Rahul Jain, Hartmut Klauck, Troy Lee and Miklos Santha
  • A communication protocol that conquers lack of trust, demonstrated thanks to a team effort by CQT experimentalists and computer scientists
  • Updates from the ion-trapping labs of Dzmitry Matsukevich, Manas Mukherjee and Murray Barrett
  • A timeline featuring highlights from the Centre's first five years (you can also explore an online version of the timeline in our news highlight about CQT's anniversary)
  • Valerio Scarani reviews how research on Bell inequalities has moved from foundations to applications
  • Why is CQT spending a million dollars on a fridge?
  • An interview with recent Nobel laureate and Singapore visitor Serge Haroche, Chair in Quantum Physics at the College de France
  • Three postdocs introduce themselves with stories about bubbles, the paradise of problem-solving in the lab and stories of quantum research in Singapore before CQT

We hope you enjoy reading the report.

Download a PDF of this year's report here:
CQT 2012 Annual Report

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