Happy birthday to us

The Centre for Quantum Technologies is five today. What have we achieved?
07 December 2012

Five years ago today, CQT officially kicked off with a staff of around 50. Since 7 December 2007, the Centre has grown to over 200 researchers who have in this time published more than 500 papers and hosted hundreds of scientific visitors. The Centre's labs are packed with cutting-edge equipment for probing the quantum world, able to control the behaviour of single particles of matter and light, and the Centre's theorists have looked deep into the foundations of quantum theory.

"I am shamelessly proud of what we have achieved so far," says CQT's Director, Artur Ekert. "Good science is all around and Singapore has become a popular destination for budding researchers in quantum technologies. This is the place where quantum geeks of the world unite; a clear prelude to the quantum revolution."

Here is an explorable timeline featuring some highlights from the Centre over the past five years. For a more comprehensive review of the research, events and achievements that CQT has celebrated, you can browse the news highlights on our website.


CQT marked its fifth birthday with its traditional Annual Event. The guest speakers this year were Avi Wigderson from the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, US, on "Randomness", and Peter Knight from Imperial College, UK, on "Quantum Technology for a Networked World". Videos of the talks will be made available.

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