Presenting 'The Mechanics', a short film by Karol Jalochowski

CQT proudly supports the journalist and film-maker in producing documentaries about quantum physics.
09 January 2012

Journalist Karol Jalochowski visited CQT last year with his camera in tow to make "The Mechanics" — a short documentary featuring researchers at CQT who study the machinery of the universe. We are proud to present his 25-minute film (and its shorter versions):

THE MECHANICS - LONG VERSION from Karol Jalochowski on Vimeo.


Karol is a writer and editor for Polityka, a Polish news weekly magazine. He has written before about CQT and CQTians for Polityka, and he took the opportunity of a visit to the Centre in February 2011 to pursue his interest in making unconventional science documentaries. He interviewed six CQT researchers in various spots around Singapore, editing their stories together into a film that not only gives a sense of what quantum physics is, but also what motivates those who study it. The short film is a "showreel" for what Karol hopes to grow into a series about quantum information, a project he will be returning to CQT to develop. Find more of Karol's videos on his Vimeo page.

His other videos include two cuts of "The Mechanics" that are good for people in a hurry: a 30-second trailer and a 9-minute version of the film.


THE MECHANICS - TRAILER from Karol Jalochowski on Vimeo.

THE MECHANICS - SHORT VERSION from Karol Jalochowski on Vimeo.


As well as featuring CQT researchers, the film boasts a charming animated quantum girl and a funky soundtrack. The animations are produced by Piotr Piotrowski and the music is Crazy Adventures of Banjo and Kazoo by Rimsky.

The quantum girl is inspired by PhD student Lu Yin. She says, "When Karol asked me to play the role of a 'mysterious quantum girl', I had plenty of question marks in my mind. However, by the end of the filming, I felt lucky to have witnessed how physics and research could be presented in a different way — intriguing, comprehensible, artistic. The film is creative and entertaining but it also answers a few deep questions."

The CQT researchers interviewed are Stephanie Wehner, Dagomir Kaszlikowski, Elisabeth Rieper, Kwek Leong Chuan, Pawel Kurzynski and Artur Ekert.

CQT supported Karol's visit under the "Quantum Immersions" programme for writers and artists.