Inaugural CQTian of the Year award presented to Swee Yee Wee

Award recognises exceptional contributions to making CQT a welcoming and vibrant place.
16 December 2011

CQT's Auntie Swee.

Being a 'Research Centre of Excellence', it's a given that CQT has scientists doing excellent science. But what makes CQT an excellent place to work isn't only its academic firepower. From social events to sports clubs, the Quantum Cafe to cartoons on doors, CQT offers an environment that, we like to think, is welcoming and vibrant. CQT director Artur Ekert, wanting to recognise exceptional contributions by CQTians to the spirit of the place, has this year founded the "CQTian of the Year" award. The inaugural award was presented to Swee Yee Wee on 15 December.

Swee Yee Wee (pictured), Operations Executive, is better known to CQTians as Auntie. She has been the centre's mother figure, always offering a warm hello, cleaning up after untidy physicists and making sure that we never run short of coffee. Auntie Swee can also claim a role in encouraging research: she makes room for new ideas each week on the centre's many whiteboard walls, wiping away the scribbled science of the days before. She receives the award for "her excellent service to the Centre for Quantum Technologies, exceeding expectations in taking care of our building, our staff and our visitors." She has been much missed during her recent illness.

CQTian of the Year award 2011.

Auntie Swee collected her award in a ceremony at CQT's Annual Event held on Singapore's Sentosa island. The new award consists of a commemorative plate, a certificate and a monetary prize.

Next year CQTians will be invited to nominate people for the CQTian of the Year award, and the winner will be chosen by committee. For now, all CQTians please join us in congratulating and thanking Auntie Swee. We wish her a return to good health.

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