Marco Tomamichel Group Preprints

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M. Tomamichel, R. Rubboli Fundamental Limits on Correlated Catalytic State Transformations.
J. Lumbreras, Erkka Haapasalo, M. Tomamichel Multi-armed quantum bandits: Exploration versus exploitation when learning properties of quantum states.
Y. Ouyang, Cosmo Lupo Quantum key distribution with non-ideal heterodyne detection.
Y. Ouyang Permutation-invariant quantum coding for quantum deletion channels.
Y. Ouyang, Taro Shibayama The equivalence between correctability of deletions and insertions of separable states in quantum codes.
Yonglong Li, Vincent Y. F. Tan, M. Tomamichel Optimal Adaptive Strategies for Sequential Quantum Hypothesis Testing.
Gilad Gour, M. Tomamichel Entropy and relative entropy from information-theoretic principles.
Kamil Korzekwa, Zbigniew Puchała, M. Tomamichel, Karol Życzkowski Encoding classical information into quantum resources.