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We are a theoretical research group. Our research topics span from foundations to the description of real devices. In the past years, we have contributed to Quantum Key Distribution, Bell Nonlocality and device-independent certification, and the description of optical experiments, with a recent excursion into quantum thermodynamics. Besides continuing research in those topics, we aim at starting new directions in foundations of quantum mechanics and thermodynamics.


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Valerio Scarani joined NUS and CQT in 2007. He was born in Milan, Italy, in 1972. At the moment of choosing his university degree, he opted for physics with the grand dream of understanding the world. After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 1996, he heard about the birth of quantum information science, but the complexities of life led him to a pragmatic PhD thesis in the same university. So he spent the next four years of his life detecting insanely broad NMR spectra from magnetic nanostructures. He was lucky enough to be given a second chance in the year 2000, when Nicolas Gisin offered him a postdoc at the University of Geneva, to work on theoretical quantum information. His luck persists to this day.

Group Members

Recent papers

  • Yu Baichu, V. Scarani. Information causality beyond the random access code model.
  • V. Scarani, Shuaijie Li, L.Zakarya. The role of photon-number pulses in the operation of a simple light diode.
  • Yu Baichu, P.Jayachandran, Adam Burchardt, Yu Cai, Nicolas Brunner, V. Scarani. (2021). Absolutely entangled sets of pure states for bipartitions and multipartitions. Phys. Rev. A 104 032414
  • C.X. Aw, Francesco Buscemi, V. Scarani. (2021). Fluctuation Theorems with Retrodiction rather than Reverse Processes. AVS Quantum Science 3 045601
  • R. Schwonnek , K.T. Goh, I.W. Primaatmaja, Ernest Y.-Z. Tan, Ramona Wolf, V. Scarani, C.C.W. Lim. (2021). Device-independent quantum key distribution with random key basis . Nature Communications 12
  • I.W. Primaatmaja, A. Ho, V. Scarani. (2021). Optimal single-shot discrimination of optical modes. Phys. Rev. A 103 052410
  • V. Scarani, Francesco Buscemi. (2021). Fluctuation theorems from Bayesian retrodiction. Phys. Rev. E 103 052111
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