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  • Maciej Lukasz Obremski, D. Aggarwal, J Ribeiro, L Siniscalchi, I Visconti. (2020). How to Extract Useful Randomness from Unreliable Sources. Proceedings of EUROCRYPT
  • M Skorski, Maciej Lukasz Obremski. (2020). Complexity of Estimating Renyi Entropy of Markov Chains.
  • D. Aggarwal, S Guo, Maciej Lukasz Obremski, J Ribeiro, , N Stephens-Davidowitz. (2020). Extractors Lower Bounds, Revisited.
  • Maciej Lukasz Obremski, D. Aggarwal. (2022). A constant rate non-malleable code in the split-state model.
  • G Brian,, A Faonio, Maciej Lukasz Obremski, J Ribeiro, , M Simkin, , M Skórski, , D Venturi. (2022). The Mother of All Leakages: How to Simulate Noisy Leakages via Bounded Leakage (Almost) for Free. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • N Dottling, , J Dujmovic, , M Hajiabadi, , G Malavolta, Maciej Lukasz Obremski, D. Aggarwal. (2022). Algebraic Restriction Codes and their Applications.
  • B Obbattu, B Kanukurthi, S Sekar, Maciej Lukasz Obremski, D. Aggarwal. Non-malleable Codes with rate 1/3 via Rate Boosters.
  • J Ribeiro, M Simkin, L Siniscalchi, Maciej Lukasz Obremski, D. Aggarwal. (2022). Two-Source Non-Malleable Extractors and Applications to Privacy Amplification with Tamperable Memory . IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • J Ribeiro, J B Nielsen, Maciej Lukasz Obremski. (2022). Public Randomness Extraction with Ephemeral Roles and Worst-Case Corruptions. Proceedings of CRYPTO
  • J.Bao, M. Santha, P. Rebentrost, A.Luongo, João F. Doriguello. (2022). Quantum algorithm for stochastic optimal stopping problems with applications in finance. Proceedings of TQC 2:1-2:2:24
  • Shengyu Zhang, M. Santha, Tongyang Li, T. Lee. (2021). On the cut dimension of a graph. 200 15:1-15:35
  • Shengyu Zhang, M. Santha, T. Lee. (2021). Quantum algorithms for graph problems with cut queries. 939-958
  • M. Santha, Siyi Yang, Xin Wang, Maharshi Ray, Yassine Hamoudi, P. Rebentrost. (2021). Quantum algorithms for hedging and the learning of Ising models. Phys. Rev. A 103
  • M. Santha, S. Massar. (2021). Total Functions in QMA. Quantum Information Processing 20(1) pp. 1-35
  • S.Kundu, Ernest Tan. Composably secure device-independent encryption with certified deletion.
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