Exploratory Initiatives Group

Members of this group work on various projects that are exploratory in nature.

There is no Principal Investigator attached to this group.

Group Members

Recent papers

  • M.C. Lam, S.B. Pal, T. Vogt, Christian Gross, M. Kiffner, W. Li. (2019). Collimated UV light generation by two-photon excitation to a Rydberg state in Rb vapor. Optics Letters 44 2931
  • Paolo Rosson, Michael Lubasch, M. Kiffner, D. Jaksch. (2019). Bosonic Fractional Quantum Hall States on a Finite Cylinder. Phys. Rev. A 99 033603
  • T. Vogt, C. Gross, J. Han, S.B. Pal, M.C. Lam, M. Kiffner, W. Li. (2019). Efficient microwave-to-optical conversion using Rydberg atoms. Phys. Rev. A 99 023832
  • M. Kiffner, Jonathan Coulthard, Frank Schlawin, Arzhang Ardavan, D. Jaksch. (2019). Manipulating quantum materials with quantum light. Phys. Rev. B 99 085116
  • Anastasia S. D. Dietrich, M. Kiffner, D. Jaksch. (2018). Probing microscopic models for system-bath interactions via parametric driving. Phys. Rev. A 98 012122
  • M. Kiffner, D. Jaksch, Davide Ceresoli. (2018). A polynomial Ansatz for Norm-conserving Pseudopotentials. J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 30 275501
  • Shannon Whitlock, A. W. Glaetzle, Peter Hannaford. (2017). Simulating Quantum Spin Models using Rydberg-Excited Atomic Ensembles in Magnetic Microtrap Arrays. J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 50 074001
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