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Our major research areas are on Ultracold gases and nanophotonics, regrouping four major research axe. We are using Ultracold gases as quantum simulators to address problems in condensed-matter physics and high energy physics in presence of (Non)-Abelian gauge fields. We are also exploring gauge fields as a resource to create geometrical Qubits and new devices for matter wave manipulations.

We are also interested in light-matter interaction, collectives and/or cooperative phenomena in dense atomic media with applications in spectroscopy, information and precision measurement.

We are merging atomics systems with nanophotonics devices to control atom/surface interaction and realize strong coupling between atoms and nanophotonics devices. We also use nanophotonics devices to create new types of optical tweezers and imaging systems for cold atoms. We are developing precision measurements with the strontium optical clock for gravity detection and to address the problem of quantum states evolutions in gravitational fields.

More information at our homepage: https://ultracold.quantumlah.org

Group Members

Recent papers

  • Thomas Zanon, D. Wilkowski, R. Lefevre, A. V. Taichenachev, V. I. Yudin. (2022). Generalized hyper-Ramsey-Bordé matter-wave interferometry: quantum engineering of robust atomic sensors with composite pulses. Physical Review Research 4 023222
  • F. Leroux, K. Pandey, R. Rebhi, Frederic Chevy, C. Miniatura, B. Gremaud, D. Wilkowski. (2018). Non-Abelian adiabatic geometric transformations in a cold strontium gas. Nature Communications 9 3580
  • Eng Aik Chan, Syed Abdullah Aljunid, Nikolay I. Zheludev, D. Wilkowski, Martial Ducloy. Doppler-free approach to optical pumping dynamics in the $6S_{1/2}- 5D_{5/2}$ electric quadrupole transition of Cesium vapor.
  • K. Pandey, C. C. Kwong, M. S. Pramod, D. Wilkowski. Linear and nonlinear magneto-optical rotation on the narrow strontium intercombination line.
  • Syed Abdullah Aljunid, Eng Aik Chan, Giorgio Adamo, Martial Ducloy, D. Wilkowski, Nikolay I. Zheludev. Atomic Response in the Near-field of Nanostructured Plasmonic Metamaterial.
  • F. Mei, Chuan-Jia Shan, Xun-Li Feng, Shi-Liang Zhu, Zhi-Ming Zhang, L.C. Kwek, D. Wilkowski, C.H. Oh. Creation, manipulation and detection of Majorana fermions with cold atoms in optical lattice.
  • Armin Ridinger, Saptarishi Chaudhuri, Thomas Salez, Ulrich Eismann, Diogo Rio Fernandes, D. Wilkowski, Frederic Chevy, Christophe Salomon. Large atom number dual-species magneto-optical trap for fermionic 6Li and 40K atoms.
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