Dagomir Kaszlikowski Group

Our main research interest can be summarised in one word: CORRELATIONS. We are interested in correlations because, from an orthodox point of view, quantum theory is nothing more than a theory of correlations in space and time. Correlations are essential in studies of information aspects of quantum theory such as quantum nonlocality, contextuality and quantum information processing in general.

Recently we have also started investigations into the origins of ‘quantum supremacy’. Our approach is based on alternative formulations of quantum theory as local quasi-stochastic processes on quasi-probability distributions. The Holy Grail of this aspect of our research is to find new quantum algorithms and to better understand why quantum computers are more powerful than classical Turing machines.

We are also interested in the social, economical and environmental impacts of rapidly evolving quantum technologies.

More information at our homepage: http://dag.quantumlah.org

Group Members

Recent papers

  • Lu Wei, Jia Zhian, D. Kaszlikowski, Sheng Tan. Antilinear superoperator and quantum geometric invariance for higher-dimensional quantum systems.
  • Jia Zhian, D. Kaszlikowski. Electric-magnetic duality of Z2 symmetry enriched cyclic Abelian lattice gauge theory.
  • Zaw Lin Htoo, L.Zakarya, C.H. Nguyen, K. W. Tseng, D. Matsukevich, D. Kaszlikowski, V. Scarani. Sculpting bosonic states with arithmetic subtractions.
  • Jeongwoo Jae, Kyunghyun Baek, J. Ryu, Jinhyoung Lee. (2019). Necessary and sufficient condition for joint measurability. Phys. Rev. A 100 032113
  • J. Ryu, Bianka Woloncewicz, Marcin Marciniak, M. Wiesniak, Marek Zukowski. General mapping of multi-qudit entanglement conditions to non-separability indicators for quantum optical fields.
  • Marcin Karczewski, Su-Yong Lee, J. Ryu, Zakarya Lasmar, D. Kaszlikowski, P. Kurzynski. (2019). Sculpting out quantum correlations with bosonic subtraction. Phys. Rev. A 100 033828
  • P. Kurzynski, Sadegh Raeisi, J. Thompson, Su-Yong Lee, D. Kaszlikowski. Quantum information approach to Bose-Einstein condensation of composite bosons.
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