Martin-Isbjorn Trappe
Senior Research Fellow
+65 6601 2010
Berge Englert


  • B.-G. Englert, J.H. Hue, Zi Chao Huang, M. Paraniak, M. Trappe. Energy functionals of single-particle densities: A unified view.
  • M. Trappe, Ryan A. Chisholm. A mechanistic density functional theory for ecology across scales.
  • M. Trappe, Hue Jun Hao Alexander, B.-G. Englert. Density-potential functional theory for fermions in one dimension.
  • Jun Hao Hue, Ege Eren, Shao Hen Chiew, Jonathan Wei Zhong Lau, Leo Chang, Thanh Tri Chau, M. Trappe, B.-G. Englert. (2020). Fourth-order leapfrog algorithms for numerical time evolution of classical and quantum systems.


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