Lim Ci Wen Charles
Assistant Professor/ CQT Fellow
Lim Ci Wen Charles


  • Ernest Y. -Z. Tan, R. Schwonnek , K.T. Goh, I.W. Primaatmaja, C.C.W. Lim. Computing secure key rates for quantum key distribution with untrusted devices.
  • Joseph C. Chapman, C.C.W. Lim, Paul G. Kwiat. Hyperentangled Time-bin and Polarization Quantum Key Distribution.
  • Ernest Y. -Z. Tan, C.C.W. Lim, Renato Renner. Advantage distillation for device-independent quantum key distribution.
  • Shihan Sajeed, Nigar Sultana, C.C.W. Lim, Vadim Makarov. An optimal local model to practically emulate Bell inequalities.


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