CQT is keen to work with schools to support and encourage interest in science in young students. Students are keen too: quantum physics offers mind-blowing ideas and the field of quantum technologies promises future jobs.

Check our outreach programmes for the public too.


We offer the week-long Generation Q Camp in June for students nearing the end of high school. Applications are invited via schools. The camp is suited to students enthusiastic in physics, maths or computer science who would like to learn more about modern research in quantum information and cryptography. The camp features lectures, games and demos and tours of the Centre's labs.

"Inspiring" and "awesome" were among the words chosen by the attendees in 2017 to desribe their experience. Registration for the 2018 camp will open in March at qcamp.quantumlah.org.


Schools can invite one of our scientists to give a talk in their classroom. Please contact us to ask.


We can sometimes arrange visits to CQT for students to attend a talk and tour our labs (the maximum group size we can host is around 30), depending on the availability of our researchers. Please contact us to enquire.


"Sir Fong's Adventures in Science, Book 5: The Quantum Bunny" was created by Singapore cartoonist Otto Fong and supported by CQT.  It retells the famous Chinese story of the Monkey King causing uproar in heaven with a quantum twist. The book is available in Singapore bookshops and as an ebook on iTunes. Learn more at www.ottoniumcomics.com.


Six Quantum Pieces introduces key concepts from modern research such as teleportation and quantum cryptography. The book was coauthored by CQT PI Valerio Scarani with two high-school students. Order a copy here.

More opportunities

For school groups seeking hands-on experiments, we recommend the following programmes run by our colleagues elsewhere in Singapore: