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Research Fellow (Quantum materials/2D materials)

Research Fellow (Quantum materials/2D materials)

Job Description:

Research fellow positions are available in Singapore quantum photonics group in NTU.

Research work on 2D material spintronics, excitonics and twistronics.

The spin and valley degree of freedom in 2D materials not only provide addition knobs towards “green electronics” to reduce energy consumptions, as compared to charge degree of freedom; they also provide promising platform for studying emerging quantum phenomenon such as quantum anomalous hall effect. (2) In addition, Moiré system in twisted structure provides flexible system to study quantum many-body problems, especially the physics interaction between Moire trapped excitons and quantum well. (3) Long lifetime dipolar excitons might lead to BEC state for these quasiparticles. (4) 2D magnetism provides an interesting platform for designed spintronics and coupling between quantum systems in different dimensions.

The group is well equipped and is actively supporting new ideas which could lead to independent research projects. The group members have published in various world-leading journals such as Nature nanotechnology, Nature electronics, Nature photonics, PRLs, Science advances and so on. The detailed information can be found at


Job Requirements:


  • Bachelor degree in physics or applied physics in Tier 1 university.
  • PhD degree in physics or related area.
  • Motivated with experimental science or theory research closely related with experiments.


Interested applicants may apply for the position until it is filled.


For enquiries and details about the position, please contact Weibo Gao at


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Closing Date: 01-Nov, 12:00AM