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Electronics engineer - Tweezer arrays for quantum simulation

Electronics engineer - Tweezer arrays for quantum simulation

The group of Huanqian Loh is actively searching for an electronics engineer to work on reconfigurable tweezer arrays for quantum simulation.



Project description:


Tweezer arrays have become one of the hottest platforms for quantum simulation since the 2016 Science paper demonstrating the ease of reconfigurability. These arrays of ultracold atoms will be applied to solve complex problems in quantum many-body dynamics that are relevant to material science.





- Software-defined radio programming

- Implementing and debugging fast feedback systems between a camera and optoelectronics components

- Development and maintenance of various software interfaces for device control

- Assisting with electronics and software-related issues encountered by the Loh research group


The engineer will be integrated into a dynamic, tightly knit academic team. He/she should have a keen interest in pushing the frontiers of quantum technologies.


Much of the expertise related to software-defined radio programming and feedback control of tweezer arrays has already been developed in the Loh group. An engineer of the relevant background will have a chance to pick up these skills instead of developing all the required programs from scratch.






- Bachelor's degree in engineering science, electrical engineering, or related technical disciplines

- Proven track record in one or more of the following areas:

- Signal processing of microwave and radiofrequency signals

- Computer networking

- Fluent in C++, Python programming

- Bonus: Knowedgeable in

- Verilog programming

- Machine learning



Interested applicants should first contact the group leader, Huanqian Loh. Group website at



Interested applicants may apply the position click here.

Closing Date: 12-May, 12:00AM.