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Readers of Singapore newspaper The Straits Times found out why they should care about quantum physics, thanks to an opinion piece by CQT's Valerio Scarani. Valerio writes that quantum physics is good for more than inspiring movie plots. A grasp of quantum technologies will be important for the future of the economy. He highlights educational opportunities including the NUS Specialisation in Quantum Technologies for physics undergraduates and QUANTUM: The Exhibition now at Science Centre Singapore.

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A national research centre of excellence


The Centre for Quantum Technologies was established as a national research centre of excellence in Singapore in 2007. We have some 180 staff and students doing research into the foundations of quantum physics and the ways quantum physics enables new technologies. 

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Quantum Shorts flash fiction


We're pleased to announce the return of the Quantum Shorts flash fiction competition, now with an ebook too. Until 29 February 2020, Quantum Shorts is accepting submissions of stories up to 1000 words long that take inspiration from quantum physics. In the meantime, enjoy shortlisted stories from previous rounds in a new free ebook with foreword by CQT's own Artur Ekert. CQT is the organiser of Quantum Shorts, which has alternated between annual calls for short films and flash fiction since 2012.

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Quantum SG - a network for Singapore's quantum research community

Did you know there are over 40 research groups in quantum technologies across Singapore, including those at CQT and other institutes of higher learning? Quantum SG is an initiative by researchers to provide a network for the quantum science and technology community, helping to build a vibrant quantum ecosystem.

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Better precision from a quantum thermometer

Quantum computing hogs the headlines, but there are quantum advantages to be had for other technologies too. Researchers including CQT’s Stella Seah and Valerio Scarani describe in Physical Review Letters a scheme for quantum thermometry that beats classical limits.

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Over 40 participants got a hands-on experience of coding for quantum computers at the two-day Qiskit Hackathon at CQT, held 11-12 October

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CQT's Loh Huanqian has been appointed to the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Quantum Computing

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From outstanding undergraduate researcher to CQT PhD student

Congratulations to Yeo Xi Jie on receiving a University-wide prize for his undergraduate work on "Spectral Compression of Narrowband Single Photons” with Christian Kurtsiefer's group! Xi Jie, who first worked in a CQT lab when he was still in school, enrolled in CQT's PhD programme in August.

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