Next CQT colloquium on Wednesday 28 March

This month's colloquium will be given by Pedram Roushan from Google. From 4pm on Wednesday 28 March, he will speak on "Superconducting qubits, the macroscopic atoms for building quantum processors". Pedram will also be giving a public talk, together with CQT's Dimitris Angelakis, from 6pm on Thursday 29 March at a downtown venue. The public talk requires registration.

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A national research centre of excellence


The Centre for Quantum Technologies was established as a national research centre of excellence in Singapore in 2007. We have over 150 scientists and students doing research into the foundations of quantum physics and the ways quantum physics enables new technologies. 

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Quantum algorithm could help AI think faster


CQT's Jansen Zhao, Anupam Prakash and their collaborator present a  quantum speed-up for machine learning. One of the ways that computers ‘think’ is by analysing relationships within large sets of data. The team found a quantum algorithm for one such analysis that is faster than the classical approach and words for a wider array of data types than was previously expected. The team’s proposed ‘quantum linear system algorithm’ is published in the 2 February issue of Physical Review Letters.  In the future, it could help crunch numbers on problems as varied as commodities pricing, social networks and chemical structures.

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Want more efficient simulators? Store time in a quantum superposition

Just as an hourglass needs finer sand to make a more precise measurement of time, a classical computer needs finer time-steps, and in turn more memory, to make more accurate simulations. Quantum effects can provide a work-around, predict Mile Gu and Thomas Elliott in a paper published 1 March in npj Quantum Information.

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CQT is a supporting organisation for the Internet of Things (IoT) Asia conference. On Thursday 22 March, delegates can attend a keynote by CQT's Joe Fitzsimons and a CQT-led workshop on quantum technologies.

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