Butterfly emerges from quantum simulation


Researchers at the Centre for Quantum Technologies have collaborated with the scientists building Google's quantum chips to simulate complex phenomena in physics. In a paper published 1 December in Science, they report simulations of the Hofstadter butterfly and many-body localisation.

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CQT turns ten!


The Centre celebrated its tenth anniversary on 7 December with the launch of a two-day conference featuring talks and posters. The event on at the National University of Singapore was attended by CQT researchers, alumni and friends of the Centre. 

A national research centre of excellence


The Centre for Quantum Technologies was established as a national research centre of excellence in Singapore in 2007. We have over 150 scientists and students doing research into the foundations of quantum physics and the ways quantum physics enables new technologies. 

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CQT experts to consult on quantum security of cryptocurrency


"It's important for anyone who protects their data or money with cryptography to be prepared for quantum computers," says CQT's Troy Lee. He and CQT's Miklos Santha will be advising cryptocurrency provider Hcash on protecting its currency against attacks by quantum computers. 

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Getting cross-Kerr with trapped ions

CQT researchers have exploited the vibrations of trapped ions to explore a phenomenon known from optics. The technique offers new tools for experiments in quantum thermodynamics and quantum computing. CQT's Shiqian Ding, Gleb Maslennikov, Roland Hablutzel, Huanqian Loh and Dzmitry Matsukevich describe their work in a pair of papers published in Physical Review Letters

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CQT's Vlatko Vedral a highly cited scientist

CQT's Vlatko Vedral has been named a Highly Cited Researcher. He's among the top 1% for citations in physics in Web of Science in 2017.

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