Information Theory

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R. Jain, Alexander Streltsov, A. Anshu Quantum state redistribution with local coherence.
R. Jain, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, A. Anshu Quantifying resource in catalytic resource theory.
Min-Hsiu Hsieh, R. Jain, A. Anshu Noisy quantum state redistribution with promise and the Alpha-bit.
Bing Qi, C.W. Lim Noise analysis of simultaneous quantum key distribution and classical communication scheme using a true local oscillator.
D. Aggarwal, Kai-Min Chung, H.H. Lin, T. Vidick A Quantum-Proof Non-Malleable Extractor, With Application to Privacy Amplification against Active Quantum Adversaries.
Gus Gutoski, Ansis Rosmanis, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora Fidelity of quantum strategies with applications to cryptography.
Zhaohui Wei, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora Device-independent dimension test in a multiparty Bell experiment.
John Selby, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora A simple proof of the impossibility of bit-commitment in generalised probabilistic theories using cone programming.
Youming Qiao, G. Ivanyos Algorithms based on *-algebras, and their applications to isomorphism of polynomials with one secret, group isomorphism, and polynomial identity testing.
D. Aggarwal, Noah Stephens-Davidowitz Just Take the Average! An Embarrassingly Simple $2^n$-Time Algorithm for SVP (and CVP).
N.A Warsi, R. Jain, NA Warsi, A. Anshu A unified approach to source and message compression.
Markus P. Müller, O. Dahlsten, V. Vedral Unifying typical entanglement and coin tossing: on randomization in probabilistic theories.
Jaikumar Radhakrishnan, Pranab Sen, NA Warsi, N.A Warsi One-Shot Private Classical Capacity of Quantum Wiretap Channel: Based on one-shot quantum covering lemma.
L. Chen, M. Aulbach, Michal Hajdusek A comparison of old and new definitions of the geometric measure of entanglement.
M. Tomamichel, Mario Berta, M. Hayashi A duality relation connecting different quantum generalizations of the conditional Rényi entropy.
O. Dahlsten, Daniel Lercher, Renato Renner Tsirelson\'s bound from a Generalised Data Processing Inequality.
L. Pankowski, Fernando Brandao, M. Horodecki, G. Smith Entanglement distillation by means of k-extendible maps.
J. I. Latorre, German Sierra Quantum Computation of Prime Number Functions.
P. Kurzynski, Akihito Soeda, R. Ramanathan, Andrzej Grudka, Jayne Thompson, D. Kaszlikowski Emergence of non-contextuality in macroscopic systems.
K.L. Lee, J. Shang, Wee Kang Chua, Shiang Yong Looi, B.-G. Englert SOMIM: An open-source program code for the numerical Search for Optimal Measurements by an Iterative Method.
M. Aulbach Symmetric entanglement classes for n qubits.
Z.W. Teo, Joshua Combes, Howard M. Wiseman Global versus local optimality in feedback-controlled qubit purification: new insights from minimizing Rényi entropies.
M.E. McKague, L. Sheridan Insider-proof encryption with applications for quantum key distribution.
Karoline Wiesner, M. Gu, E. Rieper, V. Vedral Information-theoretic bound on the energy cost of stochastic simulation.
M. Tomamichel, Vincent Y. F. Tan Second-Order Asymptotics of Classical-Quantum Channels.
Duy Nguyen Truong, M.E. McKague, S. Wehner Entanglement improves classical control.
M. Tomamichel, Vincent Y. F. Tan ?-Capacities and Second-Order Coding Rates for Channels with General State.
M. Tomamichel, Mark M. Wilde, A. Winter Strong converse bounds for quantum communication.
M. Tomamichel, Jesus Martinez-Mateo, Christoph Pacher, David Elkouss Fundamental Finite Key Limits for Information Reconciliation in Quantum Key Distribution.
Toby Cubitt, L. Mancinska, David Roberson, Simone Severini, Dan Stahlke, A. Winter Bounds on entanglement assisted source-channel coding via the Lovasz theta number and its variants.
Nilanjana Datta, M. Tomamichel, Mark M. Wilde Second-Order Coding Rates for Entanglement-Assisted Communication.
J. Shang, Y.L Seah, Boyu Wang, H.K. Ng, David John Nott, B.-G. Englert Random samples of quantum states: Online resources.
R. Jain, P. Yao A strong direct product theorem in terms of the smooth rectangle bound.
Jaskaran Singh, K. Bharti, Arvind A quantum key distribution protocol based on contextuality monogamy.
Thomas J. Elliott,, M. Gu, J. Thompson, N. Liu Continuous variable qumodes as non-destructive probes of quantum systems .
N. Liu, P. Rebentrost Quantum machine learning for quantum anomaly detection.
R. Jain, Carl A. Miller, Yaoyun Shi Parallel Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution.
A. Anshu, R. Jain, NA Warsi, N.A Warsi Measurement compression with quantum side information using shared randomness.
A. Anshu, R. Jain, NA Warsi, N.A Warsi One shot entanglement assisted classical and quantum communication over noisy quantum channels: A hypothesis testing and convex split approach.
Jeongho Bang, J. Ryu, Chang-Woo Lee, Ki Hyuk Yee, Jinhyoung Lee, W. Son Can a stochastic ensemble computing machine imitate quantum computation?.