Loh Huanqian Group

Focuses on controlling molecules at the single-molecule, single-quantum-state level for few- to many-body physics and quantum chemistry studies. Interested in using molecules for quantum simulation and information storage.

Research synopsis:
Cold and ultracold molecules represent an exciting frontier at the intersection of atomic physics and quantum chemistry. Compared to atoms, molecules have extra internal and external degrees of freedom, lending them rich internal structure and long-range anisotropic interactions. When placed under quantum control, these molecules can be harnessed for explorations of new condensed matter phases, quantum chemistry studies, fundamental physics measurements, quantum information processing, and more.
Our lab focuses on the manipulation of molecules at the single-molecule, single-quantum-state level. To access this regime, we will develop methods to precisely control the motion, internal quantum states, and spatial arrangement of individual molecules. These molecular building blocks will be used for quantum simulation of new materials and quantum data storage.

More information at our homepage: https://lohlab.quantumlah.org/

Group Members

Recent papers

  • S. Ding, G. Maslennikov, R. Hablutzel, H.Loh, D. Matsukevich. (2017). Quantum parametric oscillator with trapped ions. Phys. Rev. Lett. 119 150404
  • J. W. Park, Z. Z. Yan, H.Loh, S. A. Will, M W. Zwierlein. (2017). Second-Scale Nuclear Spin Coherence Time of Ultracold 23Na40K Molecules. Science 357 372
  • S. A. Will, J. W. Park, Z. Z. Yan, H.Loh, M. W. Zwierlein. (2016). Coherent Microwave Control of Ultracold 23Na40K Molecules. Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 225306
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