Benoit Gremaud Group

Ultracold atoms offer the unique opportunity to study, with great detail and control and from a different point of view, situations occurring in different areas of physics, like condensed matter or high-energy physics. The research stream of the group consists in:

(i) understanding the properties of interacting atoms (fermions or bosons) in the presence of artificial gauge fields, in particular, the topological aspects emerging in these systems. Using various numerical methods, such as meanfield approaches, quantum Monte-Carlo, DRMG and TEBD, we compute and analyse both their static (phase diagram) and their dynamical properties (excitations, non-equilibrium situations);

(ii) devising more exotic situations by taking advantage of the tunability of cold atoms experiments (lattice parameters, effective gauge fields, 2-body interaction strength, etc) and identifying the experimental observables allowing for an unambiguous characterization of the (topological) properties of these systems;

(iv) addressing the weak and strong localization properties of matter waves in the presence of disorder and the impact of interactions (thermalization, condensation), with a particular focus on coherent backscattering and forward scattering interference peaks (the last one having been discovered by our group).

There are openings for PhD students. Applicants with strong background in atomic physics and/or condensed matter are preferred. Please refer to PhD @ CQT for more information.

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