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Lim Ci Wen Charles Group

Our group research is mainly focused on the theory of quantum communication, quantum cryptography, and quantum correlations. In these topics, we work on the security of quantum cryptography (e.g., quantum key distribution, randomness generation, broadcasting networks, etc) and the foundations of quantum information processing (monogamy of quantum correlations, quantum communication resource theory, etc).

One of our goals is to produce research work that would accelerate the growth of quantum technology. To this end, we are also interested in developing theoretical toolboxes for experimental quantum optics.

Currently, we are seeking PhD students and Research Fellows to work on the above topics. Interested applicants are invited to send their CVs and research statements to charles.lim@nus.edu.sg.

Lim Ci Wen Charles
(Assistant Professor/ CQT Fellow)
Email: charles.lim@nus.edu.sg
Office: S15-06-08
Fax:+65 6516 6897

Group Member

Lim Ci Wen Charles (Assistant Professor/ CQT Fellow) Ignatius William Primaatmaja (CQT PhD Student)
Wang Yukun (Research Fellow (ECE, NUS))

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