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Travis Nicholson Group

Ultracold strontium trapped in optical lattice potentials is the basis for the world's best atomic clocks. Meanwhile ultracold atoms in Rydberg states have realized high-fidelity quantum gates. We aim to combine these two approaches to realize many-qubit quantum logic with high fidelity. With single-site spatial resolution, mHz-level spectroscopy, and tunable long-range interactions (achieved with Rydberg dressing), we can use degenerate strontium in optical lattices for quantum logic with minimal error. We are also interested in using Rydberg dressing to generate squeezed states that can beat the standard quantum limit to measurement precision.

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Travis Nicholson
(Principal Investigator)
Email: phyntl@nus.edu.sg
Office: S14-03-08

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Travis Nicholson (Principal Investigator)

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