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The biggest obstacle to the successful implementation of useful quantum information and computation devices is noise. The quantum effects — quantum coherence, quantum correlations, etc. — that give quantum systems an edge over classical ones are highly fragile and require intricate care for their preservation. Noise-suppression techniques, including dynamical decoupling, error correction, and fault tolerance, have seen much progress over the years, with many creative ideas contributing to the overall theoretical confidence in our ability to tackle noise. Yet, many of these strategies, especially those of error correction, remain difficult to achieve in the lab.

Our group studies the effects of noise and its mitigation via quantum error correction and fault tolerance. We seek a better understanding of the characteristics of noise relevant in quantum computational systems, and attempt to narrow the current gap between theoretical proposals of noise mitigation and practical implementations. This includes, among other variations on the same theme, the tomography of noise parameters useful for assessing the strength and type of noise present in the system, the study of how one might verify assumptions in theoretical fault-tolerance proofs, and the feasibility comparison of current noise mitigation schemes

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Our group studies aspects of noise mitigation in quantum information and computation, focusing on quantum error correction and fault tolerance, as well as the tomography and characterization of noise.

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Recent papers

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