• Industry workshops
    Horizon Quantum Computing
    Horizon Quantum Computing is a Singapore based early stage startup focused on building software development tools to drive the next computing revolution.
  • Exhibition
    Innovatus Q – The Quantum Technology Company
    Innovatus Q aims to develop a quantum computer for business applications. It is the only company that houses the two leading hardware contenders for achieving quantum supremacy in computing – superconducting qubits and trapped ions.
  • Collaboration
    S-Fifteen Instruments
    S-Fifteen Instruments was spun off from CQT to commercialise proprietary quantum cryptography technologies developed over decades of research. S-Fifteen Instruments offers equipment for quantum control as well as hardware devices for quantum-safe solutions to serve clients who require unparalleled trust and transparency for their cryptographic requirements.
  • Expert speakers
    S-Fifteen Space Systems
    S-Fifteen Space Systems plans to provide secure communications powered by quantum key distribution via satellites. S15 Space leverages heritage from CQT's flight-proven quantum light sources that are rugged and compact enough to fit on CubeSats.