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CQT Personal Leisure Activities


Living SeasThe Asia-Pacific region is one of the most attractive diving destinations in the world - and this is not one of those irrelevant superficial statements you can find in brochures scattered around on your tourist agent's coffee table. There is hard evidence supporting the statement. Ask Artur Ekert.

The waters in Asia-Pacific are mostly very warm, which means you can admire underwater flora and fauna without a sensation of being submerged in liquid nitrogen. This also means that local waters are swarming with life. And what life it is!

You can see all sorts of underwater critters. If you are lucky, during one dive you may see tiny bizarre sea-snails barely a few centimeters long, and a gigantic ten-metre long whale shark with a mouth large enough to swallow you in one piece (unless you are a Japanese sumo wrestler). Then there are the clownfish playing among the anemones, moray eels with their toothy grins, and octopus and squids that disappear in a puff of smoky ink...all seen in vivid colour and in high resolution far beyond the specs of your latest plasma TV.

All Asia-Pacific diving sites are relatively close to Singapore. Within a few hours (by plane or boat) you can reach legendary diving sites such as Sipadan (Malaysia), Manado (Indonesia) or Krabi (Thailand), just to name a few. Show me another location with access to such an excellent variety of diving sites and I will buy you a bottle of wine.

Let's dive! - Written by Dag.