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Space Technology Development Engineer/ Research Fellow

Space Technology Development Engineer/ Research Fellow

The SpooQyLabs group at CQT develop quantum experiments into satellite instruments. We are looking for a highly motivated engineer/applied physicist to join the team to work on our various projects related to quantum key distribution and entanglement distribution from space.


Duties & Responsibilities



Depending on skillset, experiences and preferences the candidate could be involved with a few of the following tasks:

  • On orbit operations of the SpooQy-1 nanosatellite using our UHF ground stations
  • Mission planning/ systems engineering/ project management for the CQT quantum light source contribution to the UK-Singapore QKD QubeSat mission.
  • Electronics developments (FPGAs, embedded systems, single photon detectors)
  • Mechanical engineering thermal/mechanical simulations (Ansys/Siemens SimCenter)
  • Optical engineering (Zemax ray tracing and optomechanical design)
  • Environmental testing and modelling (vibration, thermal vacuum, radiation) of satellite payloads/ subsystems/ components
  • Design and development of an quantum optical ground station for receiving QKD signals from spacecraft
  • Modelling of satellite QKD constellations using STK and Matlab
  • Researching and defining future projects (e.g. geostationary and lunar quantum entanglement distribution experiments)




· Minimum Qualifications: Masters degree in Physics or engineering
· Proven track-record on relevant projects
· Previous experience with the space projects and/or optical instrumentation..



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Closing Date: 30-Apr, 12:00AM.